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Seeing IS Believing!

Lactalite breast pump illumination is what you’ve been looking for.

Need more light while you are pumping? Lactalite can help! The soft white or blue lighting feature provides a light that shines directly onto the tunnel portion of the breast shield, creating a soft glow so you can better visualize your milk flow. The small, attachable device is essential in learning how to best position your nipple within the shield and also gives you the ability to be hands free and manually massage the breast to activate those milk glands that you notice are not producing, all while being more engaged in the process and maximizing your milk streams.

In addition, Lactalite enhances your pumping experience in ‘hard to see’ places mothers often find themselves pumping such as a dim lit office, parking garage, or the nursery. Just think, no more fumbling with flashlights or cell phones to get a better view. With Lactalite, even midnight pumping is easier to manage and more efficient getting you back to sleep much quicker. It also allows you to pump in the same room as your partner and baby without waking them from their slumber.

Lactalite takes care of your pumping needs anywhere, anytime so you can take care of what matters most… you & your baby.

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